Aloha, Abilene!

Jessica and I recently had the opportunity to visit one of our partner organizations in Abilene, Texas.  We left very early, stopped for triple Americanos in Goldthwaite, and made it to Abilene in time for a delicious Tex-Mex lunch with Director Amy!

Next, we unloaded Jessica’s mini van…and we kept unloading and kept unloading. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of Hill Country Christian School, we were able to fully stock our first Sheila’s Supply Closet! And yes, because my mom was the Queen of the Bulk Buy, the closets are named after her. We’re transitioning our Housewarming project from quarterly supply kits into stocked closets at our partner locations. These closets will include hygiene and household cleaning supplies. We’re in the pilot phase of this transition, so stay tuned as we build out more closets and have more information about this program in the fall!

Then, we hosted young adults for an Aloha party! We played Price Is Right to learn some money saving tips and to play for household items. We also ate yummy snacks, but the highlight of the party was Jessica’s homemade pineapple cake balls and Hawaiian punch!

Finally, we had the opportunity to meet one of our remote employees, Rizae, and her family. We spent time laughing and playing games at Gattiland. Rizae is a vital part of Bates Mission, and this was our first time to meet in person, so there were lots of hugs and pictures taken! 

Thanks to Jessica for driving us on our 17 hour round-trip adventure! I can’t wait to take Aloha to other cities in Texas!

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