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This month at Bates Mission we are trying something new, our inaugural Valentine’s Pop-Up Market. For this event, we are selling chocolate-covered potato chips, cookie cakes, and red velvet truffles dipped in Ghirardelli dark or white chocolate. We’re also selling oreo truffles dipped in Ghirardelli dark or white chocolate and decorated in either the Kansas City Chiefs colors or Eagles colors for the Super Bowl! Just thinking about all that sweetness makes my mouth water!

Jessica N. is a professional baker and Jessica P. is a professional designer and crafter, so we wanted to do something that combined their skillsets. To build the market we had a taste-test meeting, where Jessica N. let us preview the menu and Jessica P. and our volunteer Maggie did the photoshoot for our online sales page and social media. We all know I am a professional dreamer, so this combining of talents to build something new at Bates Mission was one of the most fun meetings I’ve ever attended. Here’s a look behind the scenes:

More than combining our skillsets and enjoying meetings, though, we’re testing the Pop-Up Markets for three reasons:

1. We are experimenting with ways to fundraise for the nonprofit.

2. We’re researching ways to create jobs for young adults who age out of foster care.

3. My mom loved all things seasonal (and so do I), so it’s a fun way to remember her during holidays.

We’re extremely blessed to have wonderful donors helping us fund the programs for our young adults. We’re hoping the Pop-Up Market is a way to generate funds for our overhead expenses. If we continue the Pop-Up Markets at other holidays, it’s also a positive way to remember my mom at what were some of her favorite times of the year.

Most importantly, though, we have a long term goal (and BIG dream) of creating a job training program and jobs for the young adults we serve. We’d love for future markets to give us the opportunity to bring young adults who have aged out of foster care in for some real-world on-the-job training. For example, we want to teach them foundational skills such as working with others, reporting to a manager, and how to offer customer service. We know these foundational skills will help them in any job they have in the future. An even bigger dream is to bring these young adults on in a more formal job capacity, teaching them how to source and price products, create digital marketing campaigns, and create a friendly shopping experience for our customers.

2023 will be a year of many milestones for the Bates family. Both of my grandfathers would have been 100 this year, my aunt would have been 80, and my dad would have been 70. We will celebrate multiple other family members who turn 60 and 40 and 1 this year.

Because this year would have been my dad, Alan’s 70th birthday, we are going to honor him throughout the year. Because he loved all things aviation, we’re adding a little aviation surprise to all of our pop-up market orders!

Have an idea for a Pop-Up Market, or other ideas on how to fundraise or create jobs? We’d love to hear from you!

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