Celebrating Father’s Day

Father figures come into our lives in lots of different ways, and The Bates Mission team is honoring some of the men who have stood up for us on the blog this month.

“This month I would like to honor my brother, Caleb. Growing up, we sometimes got along (watching Price Is Right) and we sometimes fought (what time is curfew, again?!). As adults, we have shared in the joy of his children being born and the sorrow of losing our parents much too soon. He’s a loyal friend, is wickedly funny, and is extremely hardworking for his family and for me. When I wasn’t tall enough or strong enough to install a super-duty shower curtain at my house, he stayed late one night to install it for me! He helped move the original furniture into the Bates Mission office, and one of my favorite memories is when he surprised me by attending the first ever Bates Mission book club! Happy Father’s Day to one of the best!” Whitney B.

“I would like to honor Jimmy Almaguer, my dad. My dad is my all time favorite person in the world. I’m his one and only daughter and his forever little girl. He fills my life with joy and can always make me laugh. My dad has come very far in life and I will always be his number one supporter like he’s mine. Anytime I’ve been sick no matter what is going on in life he always makes sure to be right by my side making sure I’m okay. Most importantly he is one of the best grandpas in the world. I’m so glad my kids get to see a better and healthier side of him than I did when I was a kid. I love you so much dad. Happy Father’s Day.” Rizae A

“I would like to honor Barry Justice, my uncle Bear.   Bear is one of my favorite people.  He can always make me laugh, gives the best advice, has moved me from dorms to apartments and house to house more times than I’m sure he’d like to remember lol.  Bear was present for all the big and small moments and continues to be for my kids.  My two youngest  received the sweetest pieces of mail a few days ago.  Bear sent them some ice cream money and a sweet note, which made their day! He has bought dirt bikes, rented water slides and so many other things to spoil me and my kids. Most of all, he spends time with us and loves us well.   I am beyond thankful that he chose to love me and be present in my life.  I love you Bear!”

Jessica N.

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