Reflecting on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate not just mothers but all the women who have ever loved a child. On the blog this month, we wanted to share some stories from the Bates Mission team that honor women who have “mothered” us in one way or another. 

“This month I would like to honor my Mother. You may not be my biological mother but you’re my momma. You have made me into the woman I am today and I love you so much, thank you for everything and being the best Gigi to my babies.”  Rizae A.

“This month I would like to honor my Aunt Bee.  She may not be my birth mother but in every other way she is a mom to me and grandmother (BeeBee) to my babies. Bee has always been a major part of all my special days and events.  Saturdays at Granny & Papaw’s were some of my favorite times.  Our Christmas shopping trips were the best. She spoils us rotten and would move Heaven and Earth for us.  Most of all she  prays for us.  I can never repay her  for always being in my life and loving me unconditionally! “  Jessica N.

“This month I would like to honor my Great Aunt Grace. She was a minister’s wife and schoolteacher, and I adored getting to visit and spend the night with her and my Uncle Mac. Her faith influenced my own, and the many hours we “played” school is where I actually learned grammar. She greatly impacted my decision to become a professional writer. She often presented devotionals or lessons to young adults in fun ways – making them more like games. I know she’d love all the games we play and the fun we have at Bates Mission!” Whitney B.

“When I was growing up my family went to church every Sunday and then to Luby’s for lunch with my mom’s sister and her family. It was my favorite part of the week, spending time with my cousins and siblings, and my very silly and fun Uncle Mark. My mom and Aunt Cheryl were always great examples of how to be a loving mother and caregiver. They showed us how to be humble and grateful. They taught us the importance of always being kind to and supportive of our friends and family. Through the simple act of that weekly family lunch, we learned that quality time with loved ones is something to prioritize and cherish. I know they learned these qualities from their mother, my grandma, Alberta Goertz. I honor her this month, as we focus on the women in our lives that have made a lasting impact on us.” Jessica P.

“Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandmother, my ‘Mimi.’ She took me to school, picked me up in the afternoons, and had the unenviable task of keeping my sister and me entertained all summer. My favorite place was her kitchen, where on any given day there could be homemade dill bread baking in the oven, cans of just-picked figs bubbling away on the stove top, and homemade ice cream chilling in the freezer. She was always busy but always creating these masterpieces and serving them with love. She definitely fostered my passion for food and cooking and showed me the value of finding a little bit of love in everything I do.” Mikki P.

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